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Most people have heard of the tragedy that befell the actors involved in the Poltergeist movies:   Dominique Dunne (the older daughter) was brutally murdered, Heather O'Rourke (the little girl) died of a rare intestinal blockage, and worst of all, Craig T. Nelson (the dad) went on to star in "Coach".  So began the legend of the Poltergeist curse!  Yet, as bad as that curse was, it pales in comparison to the hex on another show.  Believe it or not, there is a TV program that is so unholy, so cursed, so deadly that those who dare to guest star on it are certainly DOOMED!!!  I am talking about the best show on television:  The Simpsons (AKA Killy McGee TV).  This cartoon is so lethal that its curse rivals that of the deadliest movie of all:  "The Wizard of Oz", in which nearly all its actors are DEAD!  This website is dedicated to the brave actors who have fallen prey to 
The Curse of the Simpsons
Be afraid... be very afraid!

- Major Noize, Noodle Muffin

CURSE ALERT:  12-12-12  The Curse of the Simpsons struck down Ernest Borgnine on 6/8/12.  Oh, the humanity!  More coming ...

4-30-12  After Liz Taylor's demise a year ago, the Curse of the Simpsons took a bit of a break.  Then, while I was vacationing in Chile last December, the Curse came roaring back, smiting Harry Morgan on 12/7/11.  Now, the world's oldest teenager Dick Clark fell victim to the Curse on 4/18/12.  When will this nightmare end!  

                                                                                      The Curse of the Simpsons Running Total:    53 Victims

Victims of "The Curse of The Simpsons"

The Ramones

Ann Bancroft

Tito Puente

Chick Hearn

Bob Denver

Jack Lemon

Barry White

George Harrison

Johnny Carson

Audrey Meadows

Bob Hope

Joe C

Jim Varney

Lawrence Tierney

Johnny Cash

John Entwistle of The Who 

Johnny Unitas 

Rod Steiger

Linda McCartney

Paul Winfield

Rodney Dangerfield

George Plimpton

Stephen Jay Gould 

Steve Allen

Werner Klemperer

Phil Hartman

Doris Grau

Ron Taylor

Isabel Sanford

Dennis Weaver

Tom Poston

James Brown

Robert Goulet

Christopher Collins

George Fenneman
Honorable Mention

Jonathan Melvoin*
of The Smashing Pumpkins 
Honorable Mention

Kevin Dubrow*

Henry Corden

Paul Newman

George Carlin

Patrick McGoohan

John Updike

Ed McMahon

Michael Jackson

Eartha Kitt

Gary Coleman

Jack LaLanne

Elizabeth Taylor

Harry Morgan

Dick Clark

Latest Victim:
Ernest Borgnine
This Space Reserved for:

Mickey Rooney
This Space Reserved for:

 Rupert Murdoch

* These dudes didn't actually guest star on The Simpsons, but were close enough to be snuffed by The Curse

The Curse of the Simpsons Death Pool 
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