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Beatnik is a sonic-folk band hailing from the smog-drenched armpit of the Inland Empire, California. In a time when individual rights have been squashed by a fascist regime, they have chosen to make their statement a political one. The band is anti-war, pro-environment, pro-choice, and proud of the democracy and ideals that our country once stood for. Not all Americans buy into the Neocon hate machine. Every voice can make a change.
Speak up. Write. Read. Vote. Save our country, one song at a time.

"It's much more interesting hearing the calm anger of Beatnik (Viva! Apocalpyse) as compared
to the angst-driven, pissed-off whining of more recent anti-Bushers." 

- Skratch Magazine, October 2005 

NEWS:  Ecovox recording artist Beatnik's their brand new CD "This Machine Kills Fascists" has been released!  Download it for free here:

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Viva! Apocalypse Eco

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War is NOT the Answer!


America and its founding principles are truly under seige.  Please do what you can to stop Bush, Cheney, and the Neo-Cons.  Together, we CAN protect the Bill of Rights and take back America!!

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