Beatnik's New CD 
"Viva! Apocalypse"

Ecovox Records is proud to announce the release of Beatnik's new CD "Viva! Apocalypse".

"It's much more interesting hearing the calm anger of 
Beatnik (Viva! Apocalpyse
) as compared to the angst-driven, 
pissed-off whining of more recent anti-Bushers." 

                        - Skratch Magazine, October 2005 

Ecovox Records is offering this superb, Anti-Bush CD for FREE (Just include $5 for shipping and handling)

"Viva! Apocalpse" can be ordered from:

Ecovox Records
P.O. Box 77211
Corona, CA 92877-0107

Or you can DOWNLOAD the ENTIRE album for FREE now!!!  To download the mp3s, just click on the song you want:

1. The Aftermath  6. It's a Third World War
2. Dick Tater 7. Redneck on a Roll
3. W.W.J.B. 8. The Rain

4. Edward R. Murrow Is Twisting in His Grave
9. Man Date 
5. Abu Ghraib 10. Support Our Troops

Remember:  War is NOT the Answer!

America and its founding principles are truly under siege.  Please do what you can to stop Bush, Cheney, and the Neo-Cons.  Together, we CAN protect the Bill of Rights and take back America!!

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