Road:                        Hwy. 95 Southbound, south of town
Location:                  Gable, South Carolina

Date of Accident:    
May 2, 2005
Date of Birth:           April 6, 1996

Inscription:              "Selena Tonoco   4-6-96   5-2-05" in wooden letters (many missing)

Victim:                      Selena Tonoco

Age:                                 9
Special Items:            Wreath and stuffed toy on the cross.  Rosebush planted at the base of the cross.

Description:            This weathered white cross lies on the west side of Hwy. 95.  A silver wreath and a stuffed toy are draped on the cross.  Wooden letters spell
                                            out the victim's name, and many of the letter are missing.  The really interesting thing is that the family planted a live rose bush at the base
                                            of the cross.  It's just one long stem, but it is alive and must be beautiful in the summer time.

d.   Weathered white cross with wreath and stuffed toy on it

e.   Rose bush planted and alive in front of cross (single stem)

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