Love Ya

Road:                        Hwy 28 Westbound
Location:                  Dorchester, South Carolina

Date of Accident:   
Date of Birth:           ?

Inscription:              "Michael"

Victim:                      Michael

Age:                                 ?
Special Items:            None.

Description:            Traveling down Hwy. 28, this large roadside memorial is hard to miss.  Though a typical white cross, it is novel in that the victim's name "Michael" is beautifully stenciled on it. It sits next to a large tree that bears the scars of the accident.  (Whenever I see that, I can't help wonder if the victim's family were tempted to chop down the tree as payback.) Hand written notes adorn the cross:

                                    “May God hold you tight in his loving arms.  –Tyler”
“God Bless!  - Tiffany Lakosky 09”
“Love Ya ‘09”

More Images below:   

The tree still has the scar from the accident that took Michael's life.

One of several handwritten notes on the cross.

Another handwritten note to the victim.

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