Concrete Cross


Road:                        Frazier Park Mtn. Rd & NB 5 Fwy Entrance
Location:                  Lebec, CA

Date of Accident:    
April 5, 2002
Date of Birth:           February 13, 1979

Inscription:             “Manuela A Guerrero  4-5-02    2-13-79”

Victim:                      Manuela A Guerrero

Age:                                 23
Special Items:            Figurine of kneeling angels at the base of the cross.

Description:            While traveling over the Grapevine, you can see this small memorial at the truck stop turnoff in Lebec.  It is a small, weathered
                                   white cross ma
de of concrete with victim's name and dates etched in, and is surrounded by fake flowers.  The mountain
                                    shrubs around the cross makes this one a little tough to spot.

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