Hey Kidz, it's ...
Noodle Muffin

        Noodle Muffin is:

DJ Brontosaurus ....Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Samples, Lies
...................Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Samples, Draft-Dodging
Major Noize ............Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Mash-ups, Samples, Graft
Al Tokaji..................Guitar, Samples, Mash-ups, Terror
DrumWild ................Drums, Cover-Ups


Noodle Muffin's Discography
Long Live The Spin! (CD) 2008

Available now at Amazon.Com and CDBaby.Com!!
Regime Change (CD) 2004

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or download it for free here.
Magnum Dopus (CD) 2002

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and CDBaby.Com!!
Magnum Dopus Xtra Large EP (Mini-CD) 2001

Available for $2 pp from Fyoog State Records
P.O. Box 64825, L.A., CA 90064
Teaspoons of Sin (CD) 1999

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Oh, The Huge Manatee EP (CD) 1998  

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Pre-Noodle Muffin: The College Days
Bob Dole (by Bobdole) (7" Vinyl EP) 1996. 

No longer available (though 4 songs from Bobdole
 are hidden on Noodle Muffin's "Magnum Dopus" CD)

Noodle Muffin and The Pig Squints: Wilford 
Brimley Smoked My Fatty
(7" Vinyl EP) 1995

Available for $5 pp from Fyoog State Records
P.O. Box 64825, L.A., CA 90064
(BTW, what's vinyl?)


Noodle Muffin in the Media
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Regime Change CD
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Magnum Dopus
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"Teaspoons of Sin" CD
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"Oh, The Huge Manatee" EP 

Reviews of 
Bob Dole
7" by Bobdole 


Noodle Muffin FAQ's
Is Noodle Muffin is a person?
Believe it or not, the answer is NO! Unlike famous Classic Rock solo stars Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, and L. Ed Zepplin, Noodle Muffin is actually a band and NOT a person! In fact, Noodle Muffin is a name Major Noize "discovered" while undergoing treatment for Crazy Glue addiction. During one of his "detox" sessions, the now-infamous band name struck him from out of the blue as he tried in vain to get high off Elmer's glue.

What ever happened to The Pig Squints?
Ah, at last their dark past comes back to haunt them! Originally billed as Noodle Muffin and the Pig Squints during their college days, the band was forced to shorten their name to Noodle Muffin when the Pig Squint faction of the band broke off and formed their own cult. Rumor has it that The Pig Squints are currently living on an island in the South Pacific, where they are preaching spiritual enlightenment through bovine love. Noodle Muffin denies any association whatsoever with these twisted social deviants.

Is George W. Bush a member of Noodle Muffin?
After George W. Bush's appearance on Noodle Muffin's "Regime Change" CD, many people assume Mr. Weapons of Mass Deception is a member of the band.  Unfortunately for Georgie, he couldn't cut the mustard, and was let go immediately after the Regime Change sessions.  Devastated by his dismissal, this pathetic bastard now spends his free time trying to destroy the world.


Contact Information

Noodle Muffin
Fyoog State Records
P.O. Box 64825
L.A., CA 90064

E-mail: noise@noodlemuffin.com

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