Ecovox Records presents

The Embotones

Welcome to the on-line pad of those cool cats
The Embotones !!   These Ecovox Recording artists have the most boss sound around.  It's crazy cool, Daddy-O.  The Embotones are a
retro 50's band that performs old-school guitar music that is guaranteed to razz your berries and put you on Cloud 9.

Ecovox Records is proud to announce the release of
The Embotones' new CD "White Trash Wonderland"!  This amazing new CD will knock you socks off, baby!  The CD will be available soon, but you can download the songs for free right now:  

**NEW** Free Mp3s of The Embotones "White Trash Wonderland" CD **NEW**

1.  My Money
2. Black Velvet Elvis
3. Wet Spot
4. Joyanne



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