Beatnik Disinformation

Ecovox recording artists Beatnik are at the forefront of the Anti-Bush movement.  Through carefully crafted tunes and strategic activism, Beatnik is spearheading the fight to keep America free.   Beatnik keeps the Anti-Bush resistance alive with songs about the injustices visited upon people by a corrupt regime that has seized power and ruined the American Dream.

Beatnik is:        Dag
                                     Doctor Embo

Sound:                  Sonic Folk; An acoustic-based, angry Simon & Garfunkel-esque sound, peppered 
                                    with catchy melodies, electric leads, taiko drums, cellos, and enlightening, biting lyrics

Homeland:          Inland Empire, CA

America and its founding principles are truly under siege Please do what you can to stop Bush, Cheney, and the Neo-Cons.  Together, we CAN protect the Bill of Rights and take back America!!

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