Noodle Muffin
Fyoog State Records
1335 W. 27th Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90731


Karmic Bitchslap: CD
(Fyoog State Records)

The synths and the general “rock” feel of this won’t exactly scream “PUNK!” to those whom that word is synonymous only with a certain set of predetermined and pre-approved musical templates and value systems, but there is a clear influence in the anarchic way these cats gleefully bounce from one musical subgenre to another in a way that comes off as part reverent, part creative ribbing, often danceable, and completely demented. This is the third release I believe I’ve come across by them, and it’s nice to see they’re still flying their freak flag with pride, considerably lighter on the politics this time ‘round, but no less unique in their vision. –Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake Magazine


From Roctober Magazine:

Noodle Muffin:  "Karmic Bitchslap" & "Time to Retox" CDs

(Fyoog State Records)  I am completely befuddled that despite their dumb name, despite messing around with some odious styles (jokey 80s retro, pop punk, whatever it is Smashmouth does), and despite them thinking "Cuntservative" is an acceptable song title, I am actually charmed by Noodle Muffin. The way they never get hung up on punchlines but rather commit to a song's humorous theme and then just jump into it head first, the way the singer's voice never gets too aggressive (which keeps the humor from getting ugly), and the pleasantly jarring jumping around from style to style (even to the Smashmouth sound) made me totally not hate these guys. And a tribute to Billy Bob Thornton that sounds better than all the Billy Bob Thornton recordings is a nice bonus.