Noodle Muffin's new album "Meatbowl and The Donut Throne, Act 1" coming soon!   Noodle Muffin's epic musical "Meatbowl and The Donut Throne" is set for release in late 2022!  This catchy and hilariously dark rock opera follows the adventures of Prince Meatbowl, who has been banished from his kingdom simply for eating when he is sad.  Unfair, you say? Well, he does tend to eat the people that make him sad ... and a lot of people make him sad! It's a musical you can really sink your teeth into!

Noodle Muffin's latest album "Meatcup Just Snack" out now!   Check out "Meatcup Just Snack" on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Pandora, and all fine music purveyors.


Noodle Muffin's Trilogy of 2020 Singles   "Morning in America 2020", "American Carnage", and "You're Wondering Now" are available now on iTunes,, Spotify, etc. Also, you can check out the music videos for "Morning in America 2020" and "You're Wondering Now" on 

News Article re. Noodle Muffin's music video for "Morning in America":  Check out this great article about our music video!


Noodle Muffin is an underground, Indie band known for their catchy melodies, eclectic sound, twisted humorous lyrics, biting samples, and brutal commentary on the absurdity of the Mass Media and American society. 

Noodle Muffin's new Indie Musical!  Attention all Indie Rock rebels and audiophile weirdos! Rev your engines, gird your loins, and get ready for the aural ride of a lifetime with Meatbowl and the Donut Throne, Noodle Muffins hilarious new Indie musical that's guaranteed to blow your mind. Follow the epic journey of Prince Meatbowl, a royal misfit on a quest for redemption in the Big Big City. This baroque 'n' roll masterpiece is packed with suspense, drama, and a healthy dose of absurdity.  So grab your headphones and get ready to be transported to a world where the bizarre and the beautiful collide. Its an odyssey of obsessions, betrayal, gore, cannibalism, intrigue, and twisted dreams. Don't miss out on this unforgettable, catchy, and deeply unsettling listening experience … “Meatbowl and the Donut Throne, Act 1.  Release date:  March 21, 2023

Noodle Muffin's latest album "Meatcup Just Snack" out now!   The world may be falling apart, but there was a silver lining to 2022 ...  Noodle Muffin's latest album "Meatcup Just Snack"!  It's available NOW on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Pandora , and all fine music purveyors.  It's also getting played across the US on college stations like KXLU and KFJC.  It's fun and catchy as hell.


Noodle Muffin's 2020 singles are still available!!   In honor of the 2020 election, Noodle Muffin released two special "Regime Change 2020" singles as the soundtrack to Trump's downfall!  "Morning in America 2020" and "American Carnage" are available now on and soon on iTunes. Also, be sure to check out the new music video for "Morning in America 2020" on  And thanks for all the hate mail, Trump cult! It warms our hearts.:

Check out the story behind Noodle Muffin's music video for "Morning in America"!  Here's a great article about our music video!

Noodle Muffin News is now on Facebook:  Keep up with the latest Donald Trump insanity with the hard hitting  Noodle Muffin News .  Taking the Fake out of Fake News Since 2017.

Noodle Muffin's previous releases include six full-length albums (all available on iTunes): "Karmic Bitchslap", "Time to Retox", "Teaspoons of Sin", “Magnum Dopus”, “Regime Change”, and "Long Live The Spin" . Both “Magnum Dopus” and "Teaspoons of Sin" contains several songs produced by renown Indie producer Kramer (formerly of The Butthole Surfers & Bongwater).  Noodle Muffin’s "Regime Change" CD received lots of airplay, most notably on The Howard Stern Show, Negativland's Over the Edge Show, and Pacifica Radio.  

Noodle Muffin's most recent full-length album is “Karmic Bitchslap”  (Available on iTunes,, and  This rollicking 13-song tour de force was Noodle Muffin's first non-political CD since their "Magnum Dopus" CD and signaled a return to their witty, absurdist roots.  "Karmic Bitchslap" is chock full o' fun tunes, covering such important social issues as partying with fat chicks, birthdays, dancing with Jesus, bratty kids, and Halle Berry's "biscuits".   

Check out this review of Noodle Muffin's "Karmic Bitchslap" CD from Razorcakes Magazine!  And yes, we are still flying our freak flag proudly!   

Karmic Bitchslap: CD
(Fyoog State Records)

The synths and the general “rock” feel of this won’t exactly scream “PUNK!” to those whom that word is synonymous only with a certain set of predetermined and preapproved musical templates and value systems, but there is a clear influence in the anarchic way these cats gleefully bounce from one musical subgenre to another in a way that comes off as part reverent, part creative ribbing, often danceable, and completely demented. This is the third release I believe I’ve come across by them, and it’s nice to see they’re still flying their freak flag with pride, considerably lighter on the politics this time ‘round, but no less unique in their vision. –Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake Magazine