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 Karmic Bitchslap  Time to Retox

Long Live The Spin CD (Free Listen / Download)  

Maximum Ink Music Magazine by Andrew Frey

Indie pop punk with a fired up politcal agenda. Organizers of, musically they utilize “spin” to their own devious ends by fractionalizing sound bytes and reorganizing them to their advantage with sarcastic and hilarious results. As great as the clips are, the music seems secondary and lags accordingly.


Regime Change CD

Impact Press:
A fascinating array of new sound-bite-filled mixes pointed squarely against the Bush Administration, this album is brimming with creativity and I have deep respect for the DJs who compiled all of these sounds and arranged them so cleverly. As I write this on Election Day, it will be dated by the time you read this review, but it is nonetheless a fine album and worth preserving for posterity.



Magnum Dopus CD

Roctober Magazine: Weird Al vocals and quirkiness, but unlike most Dr. Demento nerds, these dudes seem well versed in the kind of partying that involves actual drugs and carnality.

Impact Press Magazine: You may first take it as a joke, then you realize it's a pretty damn good one at that. Early on the third track "Backwardz Masking Korruptz Kidz" goes on about drinking a six-pack, snorting cocaine and sending his kid out to get more. The kicker comes in track 13 when the song is played backwards and you get the real intended "subliminal" message of positivity like not being a communist and listening to your parents. The sarcastic lyrics are laid on top of retro synth sounds accompanied by the guitars and drums of the five-member band. Many music genres are poked fun at from Spanish and country to hip-hop. With titles like "The Old Crone," "Wilford Brimley Smoked My Fatty," "Strollin' With My Bitch" and "Penis Envy," not much ground is uncharted. They also do a cover of "You Fucked Up" by Ween and is one of the 8 hidden songs (spread out through 26 tracks). This disc is way out in left field and a damn good break from the norm. (JC)

Darren Ratner (Skratch Magazine) It's weird, it's comedic, it's a bar mitzvah band with video game presence. Magnum Dopus is one of those records that take a shot at dope-dom, an under appreciated land of freedom that gives music some much-needed freshness. There are 13 tracks here, along with an unexplainable 26 hidden tracks. But the album's keyboard, guitar, constant snare drum and yes, accordion (check out "Vamos a Comprar") are used in entertaining fashion. The CD is all over the place, moving from dabbles of new age ("The Money Shot"), to techno punk ("Wiford Brimley Smoked My Fatty") and spoken word ("The Old Crone"). Noodle Muffin has already grabbed the attention of Alternative Press and KROQ, so there's definitely more to this goofiness than meets the ears. Keep an eye on these guys.

Toxic Flyer Magazine: BEACH BOYS on casio meeting WEEZER and BLUR that's full of very poppy new wave with a DEVO edge. But NOODLE MUFFIN music also have a 80's new wave keyboards feel that's full of humor and pop and joy. Very fun indie rock n roll.

Joel Matulich (California Pop Magazine, Issue Three): I could have sworn Weird Al was singing over the soundtrack to the first Mario Bros. video game. These guys are definitely on some other shit, which you may actually need to get a hold of. If I had to describe them for category sake, no doubt would they be in the .com porn music section of the closest Tower Records store. By song number 2, I was starting to dig these guys, and then the heroine addict upstairs came down to find out who these guys were, to which my reply was umm I think this is umm yeah this is Noodle Muffin. They are wavelengths of ridiculous shoved into the electronic format of a good listen. The album progresses feeding the odd addiction of trying to find the point of critical destruction, until finally it is over and you realize that it was all right.

Mutant Renegade Magazine: Weird name, weird cover (A kid with a brain on a plate being served to a nuclear couple inside the TV), weird song titles ("Backwardz Masking Korruptz Kidz", "Ass-Licker", "Zdrawkcab Gniksam Ztpurrok Zdik" and "Vamos a Comprar")...what are the chances that they sound weird? Very good indeed. The vocalist sounds a bit like the guys from They Might Be Giants and they have a similar geeky eclectic musical style. However their sense of humor is quite different and focuses primarily on sex and sophomoric type of humor. Such as "747" - "My penis is the size of a 747, you think it will be heaven, but I think you outta know that you're gonna split." Strange and funny in a South Park type of way. {Grog}

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Teaspoons of Spoon CD (Review)


Oh, The Huge Manatee CD

Skratch: "(Noodle Muffin's) sound resembles well-respected artists like the Pixies and Sonic Youth ... Track 2, "Pigs!" and track 4, "Big Man" (from the "Oh, The Huge Manatee" EP) are catchy and college-radio friendly for head-bobbing or rocking out."

Alternative Press: "(Noodle Muffin's "Oh, The Huge Manatee" EP) sounds like a young XTC doing White Music with White Zombie while Flo, Eddie, Thurston, and Kim (Sonic Youth) get it on in the waiting room with Prince and the Beastie Boys."


No longer available. Four tracks from this hidden on "Magnum Dopus."


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